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 AJSP printing services is a company organizing its activity in Lithuania and offering wide range of printed products to various companies with different needs. 

We are not a new participant in the printing markets of The Netherlands, UK, Scandinavian countries, Germany and other Western European countries. The methods of successful cooperation are well known for us. Quality and punctuality go first for us. We are experienced enough to provide you with all needed services and knowledge in the process of making your book. That includes professional advice, digital material verification, printing, binding, post-press services and delivery to your door.

We are specializing BOTH in WEB offset printing and SHEET FED offset printing


Our web offset printing possibilities:

  • full color magazines at the speed of 40 000 impressions per hour
  • finished sizes of  A5, A4, A3
  • 8p, 12p and 16p publications can be glued and trimmed in line
  • newspaper publications up to 64p can be folded and saddle stitched
  • newspaper print at the speed of  75 000 copies per hour
  • paper ranging from 48gsm up to 115gsm


 For web or rotation printing prices please fill our forms listed below corresponding products in the left side menu:

Catalogue printing,

Magazine printing,

Booklet printing,

Newspaper printing,

Folder printing,

Flyer printing.


Sheet fed offset press enables you to have medium runs of your book or magazine printed in fine quality and low costs.

We are providing our clients with outstanding quality of various publications printed on sheet fed offset press.

We also suggest short production terms, and after combining them with short delivery terms you have an extraordinary possibility to have your publication printed in high quality, low costs and short terms.

AJSP printing services offer you almost everything what sheet fed offset press can offer: perfect bound brochures and catalogues, thread sewn brochures, thread sewn brochures with flaps, booklets, folders, flyers, saddle stitched magazines or catalogues, hardcover books.

Sheet fed offset requires quantities from 500 to 10 000 copies because it can provide the best price and production terms for them.



Book printing can be defined as a complex process which results into finished product in the form of book. Book is usually considered a hardcover product, but book printing can also define the process of softcover brochure printing. To begin the process we need to have good-for-print pdf files from you. The second step is making plates from pdf files (CTP), then inside pages and cover are printed, finished if needed and bound to a book either with softcover or hardcover.

For the best prices of book printing we suggest you print not less than 300 copies. And for the prices of various book printing, please fill the forms that you can find in our side menu:

Catalogue printing,

Brochure printing,

Softcover printing,

Hardcover printing,

Flexicover printing,

Photobook printing,

Yearbook printing,

Pocket book printing,

Brochure with flaps printing.



Book binding is an essential part of book making process. It is following after the inside and cover printing of the book. It can also provide the book with an exeptional appearance- as for example hardover binding with distinctive finishing options or wire-O binding. Our main stregnths are perfect quality printing and binding, attractive and competitive prices.


Basically according to the type of chosen binding books can be divided in a few main types:


Other types of binding include:

  • Wire-O binding
  • Sewn softcover with flaps
  • PUR binding.


If you are not sure which binding would be most suitable for your book, brochure, please provide us with other product specifications and do not hesitate to ask our advice- we guarantee there is a perfect solution for every client's option and we will be glad to help as we have a long experience in book printing.


 AJSP printing services

Mokslininku str. 39

LT-12187 Vilnius



You can also find us and contact us via our older website or our blog