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Delivery  is one of the components of services that we provide. Since we export the majority of our production, delivery is playing an impoartant role in this process- to be more specific- delivery time and costs. Obviosuly we have to keep our prices attractive even after including delivery costs in it. For delivering our products to various European countries- commonly its the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, inland, Germany, UK, France- we use our constant and reliable partners in order to ensure good prices and requested delivery terms.

You will not believe it, but even being situated in Lithuania we can offer you an express land delivery of shipments up to 2000kg. It can be delivered in 24 hours, in 2 days, in 3 days- depending on the destination country. Just tell us when you need to receive your shipment and we will let you know, most likely, that we can do it! :)